Be Better

This week my Julie asked if any in our household wanted to go with her to look at the Layton City Christmas lights.  We go every year, and it gets a bit “old”.  This time, she had two rules; (1) no one could go if they were going to be grouchy, and (2) she was going to circle through the drive-tour three times (ouch).  Well, those two rules eliminated our sons, but I thought, “why not give it a try”.  Julie was adamant about her rules.  She warned me that I if wasn’t going to enjoy it, she would rather go alone.  I said, “really, you would want to go alone”?  She was sincere.  Thanks to her prepping, I wasn’t grouchy when I saw the long line of cars.  I wasn’t grouchy when we were cut off by cars who didn’t believe in waiting their turn.  I wasn’t grouchy when we had to wait about a half hour to go through. And I wasn’t grouchy when we finished and went through the whole process for the repeat.  I enjoyed it!  It made me realize that seeing the joy on Julie’s face was worth it.  She loves it and loves life’s little celebrations.  I’m a bit more on the dry, practical side but for that night she brought out the better in me.  I hope during this Christmas season that I will allow Christ to bring out the better in me.  What a wonderful time of year that we must remember Him.