Education Week

Education Week

Education Week

This last week, my wife, Julie and I attended the Campus Education Week at my Alma mater, Brigham Young University (BYU). Every year, during the week between summer term and fall semester, the campus puts on an education experience for all who wish to attend. This year’s program offered over a 1,000 different classes designed to strengthen and enrich the attendees’ lives. Brigham Young once counseled,

“Put forth your ability to learn as fast as you can, and gather all the strength of mind and principle of faith you possibly can, and then distribute your knowledge to the people”.

Here are some of the highlights (and one lowlight) of the week.

Monday Lowlight

We drove to Provo and checked into the hotel where we had reservations. When we pulled down the bed covers, we saw strands of hair all over the sheets and pillows. There was a spot on the sheet by the pillow where it looked like the prior user had blown his/her nose on the sheet. When we called the front desk, they brought up sheets for us to change the bed. Definitely a lowlight.

Tuesday Highlight

I attended a panel discussion put on by 4 attorneys practicing in the area of immigration. Very enlightening. One of the lawyers made an interesting comment that rang true to me. He said, “active immigration is entrepreneurial”. I find that true in our accounting practice. Many immigrants just want to establish their trade and work for their living. They are small business owners.

Wednesday Highlight

I attended a lecture on “Why Boys Need Heroes”. The teacher explained that boys in the last few decades have shifted from admiring Washington, Lincoln and other noted statesmen to sports and music figures. It’s a shift from having heroes to idols. Here’s what heroes do for boys.

  • Heroes provide vision for what boys can become
  • Heroes inspire boys to reach goals and dreams
  • Heroes can be mentors to show boys how to be men
  • Heroes show how to overcome obstacles
  • Heroes show how to sacrifice

Thursday Highlight

We got “total redneck”. Julie bought tickets to the Nashville Tribute Band and we relaxed and enjoyed the original songs and beats of this group of inspirational country boys. I’ve been singing their songs in my head ever since.

Friday Highlight

We had fun at a cooking demonstration by Chef Brad. He showed how to make sourdough waffles and buttermilk syrup. I kept looking over at Julie; making sure she was jotting down the recipes. Chef Brad placed pulled pork on the waffles, then the syrup, and then he topped it off with a touch of Sweet Baby Rays barbeque sauce. He provided samples to the 300 people in his class. It rocked my taste buds!!