Relationships Matter

If you look closely, you will see my grandson sitting with his dad in the cockpit of the skid steer.  My son rented this tractor to remove the weedy jungle that he had in his backyard (see @thelittlehouseofhoarders). The rental company delivered the equipment last Friday evening and this little boy woke up to the wonder of an actual tractor in his backyard.  Rather than just climbing in an getting the work done, my son made the project an “activity”.  He included his little boy in the digging, scraping, leveling, stump removing, rock hauling work of the day.  I watched in awe as I realized; this father is more interested in building the relationship with his son than building the yard.  Sometimes we focus so much on our tasks that we ignore the actual people we are involved with.  I find myself (during tax season especially) focusing too much on the figures and reports and not enough on the individual needs of my clients.  Sometimes they just need questions answered, assurance to ideas, and warm and friendly encouragement and support.  My clients are the reason that I am in business.  I need to serve them.  I need to welcome them inside the cockpit.