Why Choose Us?

MULTIPLE LICENSED CPAS ON STAFF – Only Attorneys, CPA’s or Enrolled Agents are authorized to practice before the IRS

Certified Public Accountants undergo many strict requirements to obtain and keep their license. In addition to the rigors of obtaining a license, CPAs can only keep their licenses if: 1. they attend a required number of training classes annually. 2. undergo a quality review by an outside CPA firm. 3. practice under a strict code of ethics (one requirement is that the CPA must prepare a tax return that will result in the most benefit for the client.). Currently, Utah State law does not require that a “consultant” or “accountant”, other than a CPA, undergo the aforementioned requirements. Consequently the level of expertise and quality that is offered by non-CPAs may be substantially limited.


We’ve seen a lot of tax changes in the past 30 years! We’ve also seen a lot of blunders that have cost taxpayers dearly. Because of the many complexities of the tax laws, (it is a full time job for us just to keep up!) We strongly discourage anyone from doing their own return. Let us explain with this story…A few summers ago Ron attempted to install an additional bathroom in his house. Not having experience in home remodeling, the project took a very long time to complete. The result was he ended up with a very expensive bathroom that had a leaky toilet! Sometimes people jump over dollars to pick up dimes. He could have saved himself hours of frustration and money had he hired a trained contractor. None of us would think to perform surgery on ourselves, yet many times we try to save money by doing something that we’re not adequately trained for.


Ron – spent nine long years working as a Government auditor. He understands the “auditor mentality.” Audits are a waste of your time and we want to do everything possible to avoid an audit. Many taxpayers go through audits because a return is prepared incorrectly or an aggressive position is taken on a tax issue that has already been decided by regulation, rulings or even tax court. If your preparer doesn’t know these issues you could be in for trouble.

Dan – worked as an IRS agent for many years and knows and understands how the IRS works. We want to help you avoid any issues with the IRS. And we are committed to helping you resolve any IRS issues that may arise.


We’ll be here next year. When you go to a “chain service”, chances are that you’ll get someone new each year. How can you develop a professional relationship? How can your preparer offer long-term comprehensive advice? You generally will not have the opportunity to work with someone who can advise in all financial matters of your life – like tax planning, investments, insurance, etc.

Our experience with Ron Valentine, CPA has been much better than I expected. We get current month to month accounting and on time tax reporting. We run our payroll through Ron and have had a seamless on time experience. My employees love it. They get their direct deposit paychecks on time. His services have made my life much easier as a small business owner and it comes at an affordable price.

Everet Cook – Desert Medical, LLC

We have had the pleasure of working with Valentine CPA for over six years and are more than happy with the service they provide to our company. Their staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with, I began working with them through a recommendation from an associate and I have recommended them to others myself.

Christal Erikson – Keith Kap & Sons Exavation, Inc

We have used Valentine CPA services for many years regarding our personal and business taxes. They have provided professional advice for our tax strategies, investment portfolio and potential retirement income stream. We appreciate their expertise in all areas and have enjoyed their honesty, integrity and knowledge when assisting us with our questions and concerns.

Dan and Cynda Limb – High Country HVAC